2022-09-14 Amirouche A... add babelite master
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... cosmit
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... nomr: http: fix it, add two checks.
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... add json.scm
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... add stopwords.txt based on python's wordfreq top 1000...
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... nomr: rename okvslite to okvs...
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... nomr: okvslite: make the single test pass green...
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... nomr: blake3: make it work standalone...
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... nomr: blake3: import blake3.
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... nomr: sqlite3: remove import of arew, and inline proceu...
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... nomr: import okvslite.scm.
2022-09-09 Amirouche A... nomr: import sqlite3
2022-09-06 Amirouche A... nomr: http: rename to http, and several small fixes
2022-09-06 Amirouche A... nomr: add http11.scm
2022-09-06 Amirouche A... nomr: prefix public procedures with byter-
2022-09-06 Amirouche A... byter: add two checks.
2022-09-06 Amirouche A... nomr: byter: convert to library.
2022-09-06 Amirouche A... nomr: import srfi-167 pack.scm as byter.scm
2022-09-06 Amirouche A... cosmit
2022-09-06 Amirouche A... gitignore++
2022-09-06 Amirouche A... lbst: import it in nomr
2022-09-06 Amirouche A... letloop: fix url
2022-08-21 Amiroucherebuild scheme.rs pdf output is still broken
2022-08-21 Amiroucherebuild
2022-08-14 Amirouchewording++
2022-08-14 Amiroucheremove p2p stuff for the time being
2022-08-14 Amirouchelock++
2022-08-14 Amirouchefront: add html_to_string.
2022-08-14 Amirouchefront: also support http.
2022-08-02 Amiroucheindex++
2022-08-02 Amiroucheindex++
2022-08-02 Amirouchewip
2022-08-02 Amiroucheindex++
2022-08-02 Amiroucheindex++
2022-08-02 Amiroucheindex+
2022-08-02 Amiroucheindex++
2022-08-02 Amiroucheindex++
2022-08-02 Amiroucheokvslite++
2022-08-02 Amirouchemakefile++
2022-08-02 Amirouchemakefile++
2022-08-02 Amirouchefix --optimize-level=n
2022-07-24 Amiroucheletloop: libraries: wip
2022-07-23 Amiroucheemacs++
2022-07-23 Amirouchescheme/hash-table: copy it!
2022-07-23 Amiroucheemacs++
2022-07-23 Amirouchescheme/entangle: trying to make it work.
2022-07-23 Amirouchedo not commit emacs wild files..
2022-07-23 Amirouchejsonlight library, json2scm, and zik.json
2022-07-23 Amirouchescheme/letloop: fork arew.scm into a standalone program...
2022-07-23 Amirouchefound: vnstore: wip
2022-07-22 Amirouchetypofix
2022-07-19 Amirouchealternative implementation of chez-task-on-engines...
2022-07-19 Amirouchexp: chez-task-on-engines: init.
2022-07-16 Amirouche Amazigh... scheme.rs: fix git adress, but pandoc does not work
2022-07-16 Amiroucheimport scheme.rs
2022-07-15 Amirouchearew++
2022-07-15 Amirouched4: cosmit
2022-07-14 Amirouched4++
2022-07-02 Amiroucheimport noms de domaine organismes publics from https...
2022-07-02 Amiroucheimport babelia code base https://git.sr.ht/~amirouche...
2022-07-02 Amirouchescheme/seed: rename library.snk and remove $...
2022-07-02 Amiroucheimport seed, also make it work with arew too.
2022-06-18 Amirouchevnstore: fix change_id, improve wording, add a check.
2022-06-15 Amiroucheadd babelia, and nomunofu
2022-06-15 Amirouchecopy nstore.py as vnstore.py, adjust copyright date
2022-06-15 Amirouchevnstore: moar tests.
2022-06-15 Amirouches/route/query/
2022-06-15 Amiroucheindex: s/rule/credo/, and wordings
2022-06-07 Amiroucheimport chez-arew blake3, http11, and json
2022-06-07 Amirouchescratch rap
2022-06-07 Amirouchearew: okvslite: bstore: wip
2022-06-05 Amirouche A... scheme/united/venv: make it work...
2022-06-05 Amirouche A... scheme/united: add it
2022-06-01 Amiroucheokvs
2022-05-31 Amirouchepython/asyncio/found: import asyncio-foundationdb
2022-05-30 Amiroucheokvslite: export okvs? and okvs-transaction?
2022-05-30 Amirouchepython/lbst: import it
2022-05-30 Amirouchehttp11: import it
2022-05-30 Amiroucheblake3: import it
2022-05-30 Amiroucheremove doc about entangle and untangle
2022-05-30 Amiroucheokvslite: add make-uuid4
2022-05-30 Amiroucheokvslite: create library and test library from test...
2022-05-30 Amirouchemakefile++
2022-05-30 AmiroucheAdjust copyrights notice.
2022-05-30 AmiroucheREADME: improve dev setup documentation.
2022-05-30 Amirouchewip
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... wip
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... typofix
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... okvslite: implement okvs-in-transaction...
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... tmp: add demo of focused stackoverflow view
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... zik: add zik libre en bib 2022
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... p/upstream: backup sqlite3 scheme bindings by anonymous...
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... add LICENSE
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... delete what appears like a spurious file
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... c/sqlite: add sources from https://github.com/sqlite...
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... arew/untangle: a non-colored one-thread-per-core async...
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... arew.md: add subcommands signature.
2022-05-30 Amirouche A... README: add LICENSE from index.md with correct dates.
2022-05-30 Amiroucheokvslite++
2022-05-30 Amirouchescheme/chez: add foundationdb